Free your mind and the creativity will follow...

Free your mind and the creativity will follow...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Where the Walls Are

Wall Prep
The whole thing is now looking more like one of those maze games you get in a pinata with the little balls that never make it to the end. The lot size seems to change by the second, and we constantly question what size everything will be. I also wonder how mass amounts of anything stable will balance on these wavey metal prongs!
We still can't figure out how all the rooms and parts of them are fitting into these outlines. For example, we know that our master bedroom is now where the yard used to be. But it's SO SMALL. Where is the bathroom or closet? Oh-my-gawd they forgot to put in the closet! I know-I worry alot about the closet. It's an obsession. The only thing I really ever wanted was a closet. It's not as weird as The German's obsession with the bathroom though. I guess that's because he was just lucky to even have one when he grew up in East Germany!

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