Free your mind and the creativity will follow...

Free your mind and the creativity will follow...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Chicken And Egg Game

Well, I suppose there's nothing too exciting about this pic. There are folks working, and so there's proof that the little night gnomes aren't the ones fooling us into thinking something is actually happening. So that's exciting, true. It's hard to visualize how this will all get pulled off with these two guys pushing wood shards around.

But the stress is looming for me and I am trying to keep my wits about. I actually work in television on a major episodic show. This means I work in excess of 12-14 hour days. And what THAT means is The German & I have to also begin picking all the fixtures needed for plumbing because even though the faucets go in way later, everything that make them work have to be purchased and put in right away.

The chicken & egg game is an evil construction monster. So figuring out how to cram in the time to do all this is scaring me.

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